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Thread: Slow Download

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    Anyone can help me? I am using Kazaa version 2.0.3 and I find the download speed is really very slow. In previous downloads before my pc crashed I was having speed
    averaging 35 to 40 kbps. What's wrong now?
    Is it an old version or is there something new that I need to update.

    Please help.


    Ginza304 :helpsmile:

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    2.03 is ancient. Download KLR 2.50 or K-Lite 2.6 RC19 here.

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    are you on broadband or dialup? DSL can sometimes get bogged down when many ppl are using it as well, but it does seem strange that your download speeds are *that* slow.
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    Hi b4ICU,

    I am on broadband via cable.


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    Hi Musleman,

    Thanks to be patient with me. I click on the link but I still can't figure out where to actually update.

    Sorry, I am really greenie but willing to learn. Could you tell me wher to connect.


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