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Thread: Best Live Cd

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    Apr 2003
    hi guys, Before I have been looking to get a good live cd so that I can use Linux at work. What do you think is the best live cd? I have tried slackware-live, but it is very limited. I cant even set up the printer or an internet connection! What would you recommend?

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    I've never used it, but MandrakeMove is supposed to be good.

    With MandrakeMove, a full personal desktop system is provided, based on Mandrake 9.2 Discovery. MandrakeMove's features include:

      # Simplified hardware configuration: System hardware and devices (mouse, scanner, printer, digital camera, etc.) are automatically detected & configured during the CD boot process. There's no need to install the system on a hard drive to use it.
      # Complete office suite: Create, edit and share Microsoft® Office compatible files (xls, doc, ppt).
      # Fun: Hours of fun with entertaining games, 3D programs, educational applications for children, plus much more
      # Multimedia: Enjoy the latest music, video and graphic formats (including MP3 and OGG musical files, plus most DivX movies).
      # Although MandrakeMove uses the CD-ROM drive, you can eject the CD to read multimedia contents from another disc!
      # Communication: Connect quickly to the Internet, surf the Web and read your email.
      # Amusement: Enjoy many addictive games, including the famous Frozen Bubble
      # Ease of use: Experience the "Mandrake touch" with easy to use graphical desktop and utilities.

    The only live disc I have is RIP, it was only 12mb. It's mainly for rescue though, no GUI.

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    this is bootable? looks good, checking it out atm

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