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Thread: Klite K++ V2.43 Or Update To Klite Resurection

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    Should i Stick with klite k++ v2.43 or update to klite resurection, i still havent had any problems with klite k++ 2.43 just wanted to know if klite resurection is any better

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    If it works, why change?

    You can update your third party tools and KL extensions using a packages called "KL Update", which can be downloaded from here

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    Hmmm I found that everything after 2.43 sucks. I suggest sticking with it and using the tools to update it.

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    what is this program called that upgrade 3rd party programs for 2.43 i just downloaded it i tryed your link and i couldnt find it under any links including the k-lite utilities.

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    if you look under fasttrack section on my link you can just download the klite 2.4.4 which is the upgraded version of 2.4.3

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    your site is really wierd muscle i could see all main topics but when i clicked up one of them i couldnt see any sub topics, so then i registered now i only see two main topics Guest forum and Chit Chat or something like that.

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    Yet to be determined
    Try as their wont be as much hassle to download the files you wish.

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    lol its not weird boss some of the contents can't be seen so your email has to be verified before you can see everything,

    anyways i just verified you log in again and you will see all

    check your pm in there boss

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    I just need the link for K Lite Resurrection please

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