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Thread: Escape From New York

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    What are your thoughts on this movie, i think its definitely a corner-stone

    in sco-fi/futuristic films. This film is SO UNDERATED! Kurt Russell was

    SPECTACUALR in this movie. I think that they wasted the potential they had with

    the charcter "snake plissken", they should have made a sequel in maybe 1983 or

    1984 and not not wait 16 years for a sequel. That just embarassing!

    What's your feeback on this movie?

    feel free to post

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    very good film, impressive for its day, and still now actually. had a kinda bladerunner collness bout it - if more popular/action'y'. was a shame the sequel was a bit shit i thought. dont get me wrong, it had good bits too, but wasent a patch on the first one

    and i think kurt russell is underated generally, hes done a lot of good films (especailly one where his wife gets kidnapped wehn he stops for petrol-cant remeber the name)
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    in a lot of movies, kurt russell seems to be playing an 80s version of john wayne.

    agreed, though. i prefer carpenter&#39;s "the thing," but escape from ny is good, too. just about any film that features harry dean stanton in a supporting role is usually worth watching.


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