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Thread: Can Anyone Help Me With 8 Mile?

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    Hi there, I've just downloaded 8 mile.
    the quality was said to be exellent, but I only see some things move not knowing what they are.
    it's kind of blurry, every now and then there's a clear moment, but then it gets blurry again.
    the sound is alright...

    i've got a 64mb video-card geforce 4, is that too slow or something?
    please help, or else i've downloaded several hours for no reason

    (apologies for the bad english)


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    The file itself has problems... you will need to download another file of the same movie and retry. Also, you might want to contact the person you downloaded it from and tell them that their file is corrupted and will not display properly.

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    There were 150 users, so I thought the problem was my computer...
    But OK, tnx for your help

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    Is the movie encoded with DivX or Xvid? If it's Xvid you will probably need to make sure you have the right codecs to view it properly. The quality of Xvid is very good , but it seems to be a little more unstable than DivX. If it is a codec problem, make sure you have a good codec pack like SLD or Kazza L codec pack. It should make a big difference. When I first statred downloading Xvid movies they were always very blurry, very green in colour and had annoying audio/sync problems. As I said by running a good codec pack - NOT Nimo - it should sort out the problem.

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    get a better movie like The Ring or Road To Perdition, those movies are sexcellent.

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    Originally posted by Sensurround@9 March 2003 - 19:25
    get a better movie like The Ring or Road To Perdition, those movies are sexcellent.
    Nice sarcastic answer but the only good copy of The Ring is in XviD too - as are most new release screeners nowadays.

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    I just wanna thank y'all, especially CRACKEDUP, because that KaZaA-LiTe codec pack is the shit!
    8 Mile plays great now, without green shit or blurriness.
    So thanks! This Forum really works


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    see KLITE IS THE BOMB!!!!!!!!!!!


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