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Thread: Software To Disconnect From Internet?

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    I have Dual channel isdn but i can only use it from 6am to 6pm in the week so i would want a software which will disconnect from the internet a bit before 6am. Anyone has a software like this??

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    Windows 95. It'll crash a lot.
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    No thanks... I'll stick with xp.

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    I use a small utility called Switch Off.
    Its Great.

    I am on 56K dial up with limited hours, so I start K/L it d/loading at 10 pm at night then get it to switch off at midnight so that I do not go over my monthy hours allocation.

    Thsi technique also allows me to d/l songs and vids when my wife is not watching, or wanting to use our PC 1



    PS I'll post where to get it from here soon when I find it again.
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    Switch off

    ahh ha

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    Originally posted by 4th gen@21 March 2004 - 17:42
    Windows 95. It'll crash a lot.

    That's the No.1 comment of the year


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