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Thread: Is There A Solution?

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    Earlier this week Ive posted a problem on how I can get access to files from users not in my country and although I found some help I still haven't solved the problem. To keep you updated, for those of you who haven't read this topic, my initial problem was that I was only accessing files from persons in my country, which considering I live in a very small country (Malta) sources are therefore very limited. I therefore posted my problem in the forum. I was then suggested to try to connect as a supernode and also to try not to be a supernode but to connect to different supernodes in other countries but neither of them were successful.

    Very recently I was in the UK next to my brother who lives there and using his Klite I was amazed how many sources are available there. Then today I thought maybe he is connected to a very strong SN and I asked him for his SN IP address.When I connected to this specific SN search results were amazing.However when I tried to download a specific file with over a 100 users and with excellent integrity it started to download again from a user in my country which funnily enough was not one of the users listed in the search results. Then together with my brother we tried simultaneously to search for a specific file and the search results were identical as obviously both of us were connected to the same supernode. However when we decided which file to download(which both in my case & in his case had the same number of users) his file was downloaded in less than 2 minutes whilst mine went directly in a more sources needed status and after 5 hours it was still in a more sources needed status. It's like for search results I'm connected to the SN which gave me my brother but when it comes to download I can't access the files from foreign users. All this applies also to uploading of files as only Maltese users have access to my files; irrelevant to which SN I'm connected.

    Does anybody have a clue of what's happenning and what's wrong.

    I'll appreciate a lot if someone can help me.


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    i told you boss you can't use another person for this kiinda tests, there are things that are different. his isp, enviroment queued and etc.


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