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Thread: Gift + Klite?

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    Do you think it would be possible to combine giFT and K-lite Resurrection?
    Someone has already started using it and made a sort of kazaa looking clone called kceasy
    combining it with K-lite would could have very good results.

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    I pretty sure that will never happen, the best you could hope for is a program that works badly lol.

    here's what will be in the next version of KCeasy allready,

    * Auto search more sources if download has been inactive for some time
    * Made number of sources per download configurable (soft limit)
    * Persist download paused state across restarts (giFT)
    * Added auto search more (FastTrack)
    * Remove useless tokens from search queries
    * Immediately remove cancelled downloads/uploads
    * Fixed installer to not overwrite previous config
    * Added update assistant
    * Complete downloads are added to library
    * Added previewing of downloads
    * Improved UDP discovery (FastTrack)
    * Added kzhash (FastTrack)
    * Replaced Windows Media Player with VideoLAN. That project rocks!
    * Some minor GUI tweaks
    * Allow editing of browser urls
    * Added video/x-ms-wmv mime type (giFT)
    * Added Theme support for Windows XP
    * Fixed problem with alpha blending of XP icons
    * Added watchdog thread to giFT loader which kills giFT if KCeasy hasn't been running in at most 1.5 minutes
    * KCeasy now creates a copy of giftd.log when giFT crashes
    * Fixed race condition with addition of sources when download is already cancelled
    * Fixed interface protocol short send problem (giFT)
    * Changed OpenFT db dir to /conf/OpenFT/db
    * Added logging code for rec->off == rec->len assert (giFT)
    * Fixed hash_dsp assert (Gnutella)
    * Fixed corrupted Gnutella downloads (Gnutella)

    this is from the CVS.


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