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Thread: 'the Ring' Audio Problem Help Plz

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    Ok here goes hope you guys can help with this.

    Ive just completed d/loading The Ring,dvd screener[ViTIE] osloskop cd1 and 2 and there's a lot of breaks in the speech and sound

    It's took me quite a while to get this,is this a 'dodgy' version ive d/loaded?
    I have all the codecs and tryed it in ZooM player/PowerDvD and Media Player but same thing in all happens, sounds ok @ 1st then gets a little hard to hear then NO SOUND AT ALL

    Can anyone help?????

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    Ok - a few suggestions. Try checking out the movie file with GSpot. It will tell you if you have the right AUDIO codecs installed. I think your movie is encoded with Xvid. Whilst this is purely a video codec - there often seems to be sound problems with the resulting file . There is a program called TFM that you can use to boost poor sound on DivX/Xvid movies - I suggest you set it to x 2.5 in the control panel for the program. Good luck in fixing your problem.

    TFM Audio Filter


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    Right thanks for the help Crackedup followed your advice and ran G-Spot and it gave some messed up results(i think)

    It says that is was unable to find an audio codec that will decompress this format(WAVE_ FORMAT_ AC3)

    Yet i have the AC3 codec installed and the sound plays ok sometimes,just not ALL the time,gaps like i said before.

    Also it says that 'Directshow WAS able to render sound though'

    I have not read any other threads where's ppl have had problems with sound like me.

    Any suggestions anyone, im confused

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    You say you have all the codecs installed, but which codec packs - I think the best two are the Kazaa L codec pack 1.6 or SLD Pro 1.5 beta 6. People will probably think I work with the SLD guys the number of times I recommend it, but it really is very good. Sorted out tons of problems I've had in the past........Only other thing is you could have a crap, corrupted d/l or just a poor copy.

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    My codec pack is the DivX bundle but ive installed the AC3 filter separate.

    Also is the copy i have not the most common one(Dvd Screener,ViTIE)...

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    bronco, sometimes fixing these problems is a little bit trial and error - god knows I've had enough headaches over the last few months!. I suggest you try installing a codec pack, which includes a whole lot more than the DivX bundles I think. If it doesn't work you can always remove it or if it causes a conflict. I personally have never d/l a movie where the sound comes and goes and then stops - in most cases it works fine or you get nothing. Perhaps you can use a program like VirtualDub to help with your problem, but this is where you may need the help of the techie whizz kids, as I find it a bit hard going.

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    Bronco, I have exactly the same problem as you have with "The Ring" xvid screener. Please tell me if you guys can figure out a way to fix it!

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    Glad i'm not the only one(in a nice way )

    Still trying to solve this but no luck yet
    Installed the SLD Pro 1.5 beta 6 codecs but no joy.

    Now fumbling my way thru virtual dub...not sure how to use it! trying to check/fix bad frames,heard there's alot with this movie.

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    Hmmmm....I had the same audio codec problem as you did, bronco, but installing the SLD Codec Pack v1.5 (Beta 6) fixed it for me . My problem was that I would have sound playback as usual, except the video would slow down at points all over the place, givin me one jittery, crappy, film.

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    Problems continue

    Did'nt want to post another thread as (i think) this is related to this.
    Having just previewed the lotr two tower 3 cd version i have a similar problem with the sound
    There's just no SPEECH at all but there IS other sound like fx and background sound eg,explosions etc.

    Long shot and probably no such thing but could there be a specific codec for speech audio that i could be missing???

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