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    1,076 is a P2P Music Community. Small client application and an easy-to-use web-based interface (incl. WAP) lets you search for your favorite songs and download them to your computer.

    The key features of the network are:

    * Web-based interface (including WAP)
    * Ability for users to communicate (forum, comments)
    * Ability to queue off-line files (download starts when the file becomes available)
    * Remote management - ability queue files from any computer or mobile phone
    * MP3 Support (64-320 kbps VBR & CBR)
    * High anonymity (other users do not see your username and can not list your files)
    * High security (only shared MP3 files can be accessed by remote users)
    * Download location optimizer (automatically finds the fastest route to the file)
    * Auto-resume of broken downloads
    * W3Cache proxy support (download only)

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    That's looking good and i don't understand why the author added that haslle on it, it was better if he asked for donations, i gonna post the same reply like in the Slyck forums. Client is ad-supported software. It is part of the Gator Advertising and Information Network(GAIN), which helps keep software free by delivering ads and info based on the sites you view.


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