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Thread: Diet K 2.62 Build 6

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    v2.62 build 6 -- 3/19/2004 4:19pm

    Whats New:
    1. Fixed the Auto Search More with the Advanced Searches.
    2. Fixed the DK DX resuming paused downloads with Win98 and Win2K3
    3. Fixed the Unable to delete Altnet Shares Folder message in the status window.
    4. Updated the code to use GetLocalDate API.
    5. Added killswitch for changing the system clock. Add the line "NoDate=1" to the settings.ini under the "[Settings]" category. This is for people who are having problems with the Date and want to turn this feature off and still attempt to use Kazaa.
    6. Fixed a rare possible problem with Gator removal.
    7. Fixed the appearance controls for the toolbars with Win98 and Win2K3.

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    Is Diet K really makes change on K lite? Example on speed stuff

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    Another Version?

    Q: Is this a "full" installer or will I still have to DL to complete ths install process?

    Q: Is K 2.62 Build 6 bundled with "hidden" software that $#C%S with you system?

    Q: I have two currupted KLITE & Resurrection directories what do I do?

    Q: Without much use for the advanced tools is v4.3 the best klite choice?

    I Actually got some very hard to get files with Warez P2P Client it may be slow but it works

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    DK still sucks

    Albon, its only an ADDON tool for Kazaa Media Desktop. Its a "full" addon you download, you still need Kazaa Media Desktop!


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