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    just wondering if theres a audio program what i can play audio files with and speed them up by adjusting a bar kinda thing. just like the options in wmp 9 (xp) but i dont have xp so i cant have wmp (xp) i have the winME version

    (eg. instead of song playing at normal speed it plays at double the speed or your desired amount)


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    Why dont you try something like Steinberg's Wavelab....

    You can speed up a track and then some!!!
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    You can do this kind of thing (timestretching, tempo changes...) with a winamp plug-in called 'Chronotron.' *I would try searching for an older version 'cause the newer one is shareware. You can also do it with PCdj.
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    Originally posted by pusher@22 March 2004 - 12:54
    You can do this kind of thing (timestretching, tempo changes...) with a winamp plug-in called 'Chronotron.'
    Damn it I was just about to say that too.

    Chronotron is not very sophisticated but for a newb who just wants to play around, it's excellent.

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    winamp doesnt seem to work on this comp but pcdj is cool! i need to find some kind of key/cr**k for it though? i have the pcdj fx if anyone has the cr**k for it please PM me or something ?


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