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Thread: Mirc Beginner.

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    Hi everyone. I'm brand spankin' new to mIRC and I just downloaded the thirty day trial version. Sorry, this might be a little long. So uh, the only problem I have (which is probably the most important one) is that it won't let me connect. It keeps saying "Failed to resolve server". So...does this mean that I have to just keep going down the list of servers until I find one that works? Or, am I doing something wrong? I appreciate your help.

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    Are you connected to the internet while trying to use mIRC? I remember getting that same error message when my internet was knocked offline and mIRC was attempting to reconnect.

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    I'm also new to Mirc. My guess is that it's an old or offline server, try a different one until you connect.

    You can try the server I connected to. File>select server> server and at the irc server box enter EFnet:RandomServer.


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