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Thread: Recover Product Key From Winme Through Dos

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    Does anyone have any ideas on recoverying the Product Key from a computer through DOS? I have already tried

    find "ProductKey" system.dat

    All I get is File Not Found. Anyone have any other ideas?

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    I think your Product key is stored in your registry not certain though

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    Do you know of anyway I can get it through DOS?

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    What about using REGEDIT.EXE in DOS to extract the contents of the registry file and then using EDIT.EXE to search the text file for the registry key?

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    Search Google for regfree.exe and download the DOS version.

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    Thanks, I'll take a look for it. Does anyone have any other ideas? Also a question that someone might know. Some time back, before all this happened, I had tried to re-install winME with my recovery disks and I got the message that it was not the correct disks for this computer. My wife had bought it from her sister who does have another similar HP so it could be the wrong disk. My question though, is the product key written on the CD as well and then compared to the one on the HD? Is this why I got the wrong disk message?

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    windows me discs will install on any computer, unless it is a specilized reformat and install disc for hp. is the disc blue, or does it say windows me on it?

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    Yes, I have two blue disks labeled system recovery


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