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Thread: File Types

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    i have been downloading music successfully with files for my media player all of asudden tehy have all changed to realone player and I dont know why or how to change this back? does anyone else know?

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    Uninstall RealOne as it is the Ford Pinto of media players, then download Real Alternative if you need to view RA / RM files that badly.

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    You have selected Real One Player as default player for files of that type, so you will need to change back.

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    ok i have the same problem with real one player. I have some files that i downloaded but now they have the ra extension so i can't burn them on a cd because nero can't read that extension. how do i change the exension? HEEEEEELp plllllllease!!!

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    You can't just "change the extension." You need to convert it to PCM WAV and then into Fraunhofer-IIS MP3.

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    ooooookay whatever that means. Can you break it down for me ???????I am not familiar with all those terms or whatever. This has never happened before. I know how to change jpeg or bitmap but not ra? is it easier just to download the songs again?

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    OK. You have to realize RA is the pariah of the music world. It's best not to download RA / RM files at all.

    I don't know how to convert them, since I stay away from them like the plague.


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