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Thread: Can Anyone Tell Me...

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    I've got a music file which is about 3:32 mins but when I play it (using just some player) the player says that the file is only 1:15 mins long, the song plays all the way through, so that's not a problem, but does anyone know why this happens?

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    Is it just in that one player? or in all players you've tried it in?
    did you happen to preview it in that player before it was finished downloading?
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    that had happened 2 me once and it was only in the K-Lite player then when i played it in Windows Media Player it showed the whole amount of the songs

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    it's both in the k-lite player and Windows Media Player (doesn't kazaa use WMP to play songs and vids?)

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    is it a VBR mp3?
    this seems to be pretty common with VBR
    at least as far a i have seen
    even when the tag has the correct length listed,
    WMP will still fk up reading the length
    if the song is cool, and it plays it all, dont worry about it B)
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    ok... as I said it's not a problem, I was just wondering...


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