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Thread: Best Bt Program

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    have tried burst, shadow's, azeureus (think thats how its spelt), and a couple other smaller ones, but can't seem to get one that is consistent...burst used to work awesome (like 25-30k/sec, which is my max anyway), but now i'd be lucky to get 5-10k/sec...i know you have to wait for them to speed up, but they're just not!! and i've tried several different torrent files too, the latest being far cry, which is telling me there is like 15 seeds but only connecting to a few...
    any suggestions to fix it, or a better BT based program?

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    hmm i think you should try (]Torentstorm) works best for me. and you can customize Allot!

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    I like the ABC Another Bittorrent Client

    The link is in the guide to bittorrent can be found in the tips section.

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    I like ABC but i seem to be plagued by bugs when I use it. System locks up, ABC uses 99% of the processes

    I have tried Azerus which is okay but i prefered ABC. I think due to the annoying bugs though I will be making a permanent swap over

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    I love ABC ... have tried many others, but they dont come any better then my beloved ABC. Well .. maybe they do ... but ABC is the one for me ... now and forever.

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    arrrgh there isnt a best i dont think, they all do the same thing basically but they all have there little extras

    i've always used shadows, sometimes i think, right, thats it! im getting another client this sucks, its so slow!

    but i dont

    why? because its the torrent ur connect to that matters, i like shadows, basic but very good
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    Azureus does it for me and i can game in the background too

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    Azureus for me.
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    Originally posted by CPU1
    once again its not a matter of which is the best. its a matter of which one suites u best and works best for ur pc

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