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Thread: Dvd Woes

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    i've got a lite-on dvd 8speed rewriter and have been getting a lot of glitches on dvds i have burnt. this seems to happen towards the end of the film and usually is so bad its unwatchable. i am using copytodvd for video_ts files i have d/l'ed and dvdshrink and nero or imgtool+dvddecrypt for home rips. i am using +R disks usually burnt at 4x sometimes 2.4x and only about 20% of them are successful. i also disconnect from the net and disable my virus scan and dont touch my pc untill each stage is complete. anyone got a solution cos its getting expensive? oh yeah, i recently upgraded the firmware - no better
    its not my dvd player thats the problem cos it plays other copied dvds (ones i havent done) ok. any help much appreciated B)

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    Do they films play normally when you whatch 'em on your pc before burning? and are your cd's high quality? maybe try using a different set of discs from a different company

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    yeh i get that problem, normally towards the start of the disk though. Could it be wear and tear, the burner on me laptop has burnt nearly 200DVDs since xmas. It has only happened to about 4 dvds though and is random. Should I take my laptop back but it is difficult to repeet the problem

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    lol ok that answer seemed nothing to do with the previous question so i will ask it another way

    ok the movie you downloaded

    when you watch it with media player or bsplayer as a divx( avi )

    does it run ok


    then its in your conversion process to mpeg and dvd


    then the original divx file is rooted too , and you cant fix it

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    my burner isn't worn out cos i've done like about 50 dvds max. i can convert an .avi to mpeg ok, my probs come when i am burning a 4.5 gig dvd (vobs). it doesnt seem to matter wether the file is dl'ed from suprnova or if i rip it myself from a shop bought dvd. i am using "bulkpaq media 4x dvd+r" disks and always use the latest software

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    I use bp media mate with no problems.Try burning them with nero "dvd udf/iso" its more compatible.

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    try another media, like dvd -r , and get a good brand

    try slowing you burning process down, see if it helps


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