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Thread: Where Have All The Songs Gone ?

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    I am finding it harder and harder to find songs to down load.

    The other day I seached for Louis Jordan and got 10 songs and 12 files

    And for Deni Hines and I got 8 songs !

    This is pathetic, how can one build a collection ?

    Has everyone left Kazaa for songs or are they scared to share (RIAA etc) ?

    Any comments ?

    Please don't say Bitorent, cos it sounds to hard for a 56Ker like me.

    What is WinMX like these days ?

    What is Bearshare like these days ?


    What color is your Adkaf ?

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    Most of us around here do not use Kazaa for Music.And we do not do Songs.We collect whole Albums and Box Sets.Complete Catalogs of Artist.We are Pirates and we want everything.

    We use SoulSeek.

    And better read the Rules before hanging out with us.Like I said.We do Complete Albums.Better have at least 10 CDs you have ripped yourself.And do not tell me you have no CDs boy.You had enough Money for that PC you are useing and enough Money to Pay for the Internet Connection every Month.

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    OK Funky,

    Nice Dog,

    I'd better try Soulseek.

    I'll have to learn how to burn a CD !



    PS, I'm not in to complete CD's, but I do have quite a few favourite artists of which I have quite good collections of.
    What color is your Adkaf ?


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