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Thread: Problem Updating Winxp (sp1)

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    I get an error duing the SP1 setup for XP Pro saying I have an invalid CD key. I didn't download XP from the net, I actually installed it through a CD. So I'm not sure why I'm getting that message. Regardless, is there a workaround to this? Anyway I can install SP1 without going through the windows update site?

    Thanks for any info!

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    search windows xp sp1 crack

    there's a really good one that i use ever time i install xp. works great!

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    I tried a program titled:
    Windows XP Anti Product Activation Crack Build 2600.0 and Build 2600.1106 (SP1) Crackz
    But it did not work. It patched the "winlogin" file like it was supposed to, but I still could not install SP1.

    Any ideas?

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    get the keygen called xpkeys, it scans your comp and finds a working serial number for you then you just change it and sp1 will work no problems , i have xpkeys and and the reactivation program if ya cant find it on kazaa

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    On that website Abu gave me, i found a different crack which lists my current serial, and using a different program can change it. I think this one might work (hopefully). And i'm really hoping I don't get locked out of WinXP when I restart my computer.... that would be bad (if this can even happen).

    If it don't work, i'll search for your program.


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    you wont , if all else fails just put the original serial you used and it will be ok , xpkeys rocks man

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    xpkeys rocks man
    Couldn't have said it better myself. SP1 installation is finishing up (and taking a really long time to do so...).

    Thanks for the help guys!


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