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Thread: Network Advice

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    i just reconfigured my home network, originaly i had my adsl modem connected to and nic in my puter , then another nic in my puter to a switch, the to the rest of my comps

    now i have changed it so that all the comps including mine connect to the switch and the link in the switch connects to the modem

    everything seems to work, each computer has to sign in to adsl connection and they work individualy

    prob is now i cant see the other comps on my local network, even though they are the same workgroup name

    all nic are oin the same sub mask

    slightly different ip addresses
    one of the others

    in the network wizard i used this computer conects through a network hub and other connect through hub as well

    the other way i could see all my comps , just need to figure out how to see them when im connected this way

    any help plz

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    what operating systems u using on them? i found that when i was using windows 98 on my old computer I had to install the netbeui network protocol on each of the computers to get them to see eachother.

    to install it on older OS's (all windows except xp) you go to the network properties and go to add then select protocal and finally choose netbeui. then restart.

    on XP you will find the netbeui driver and install instructions on the XP cd. i think you go CD:\value add\microsoft\netbeui or network or something like that. replace cd:\ with your drive letter.

    that should should try the network setup wizard on XP too.

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    yer all the comps are xp ecept 1 old shit one the kids use is 98, hmm maybe this netbeui is the prob will have a look see , but it didnt need it the other way hmmm

    anymore ideas plz

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    hm ok the netbeui worked fine thanks rossco, on all but the 98 machine , i installed it the 98 machine but im still not seeing the rest of the network from that machine or being able to see it from any of the other machines

    also i assume that now im gunna have to run personel firewalls on all the comps , as before just my comp had the firewall and it looked after all the rest

    anyone have any ideas on the 98 machine and how i can get it to work on the network just give a holler thanks

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    netbui is an old work around. You need to get to that that switch, or is it a router. You really should get you a router for that, that way the router will give you an ip address for all your computers in the same range. This way all the computers will not have to connect to the adsl everytime they want to use the internet. The router will do the connecting one time, and then all your computers will be active on the internet without having to do anything extra. You could get yourself a Linksys Router, they are about 60 to 100 US Dollars.


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