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Thread: Weird Kazaalite.kpp.exe Connection

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    In Sygate Firewall pro 2 instances of it are listed, 1 is listening, 1 is connected (or maybe trying to?). It shouldn't be, the program is not running. I can't terminate them either, they just pop right back up on the list, and I have it's permission set to ask and when it did I said no and it still won't go away.

    On top of that yeserday I had downloaded Kill Bill, (the one in the verifieds) and when ever I tried to move the file Windos told me it's in use by another program. How can that be? The same thing happened with Gothika a couple dayts before that. I had to go into safe mode and delete it. Kill Bill I burned and finally got it to delete with the Norton shredder thing.

    So would these 2 things be connected at all? And what's up with the backround KLite connection?

    Thank you.

    edit: O, and one more thing......Sygate has blocked like 15 port scans in the last 3 days.

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    I know what you mean, I can't delete a half completed version of adobe photoshop (from bt)

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    If your using xp try this.

    Sygate maybe reinstall it goes abit funny now&again.


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