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Thread: Hiding Ip From Bittorrent?

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    Does anyone knows how to mask an ip address while using bittorrent?

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    hmm i dont think u can. i mean the whole basis of bt is to use ur ip to communicate with other peers. but i have heard of proxy support in some of the azureus cvs builds

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    there is some software which i got from overnet lite, called 'steganos internet anonym' which supposedly hides your ip address from everyone and everything and makes it look like you are connected in another country, it provides you with a false ip address if i remeber correctly or changes it every second. i used it for a day but overnet couldnt understand what was happening and stopped d/l. there is also something called annox (i think or something like that) which you subscribe to and they keep your address hidden, but you are asking just about BT, so i dont know

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    i subscribe to anonx. it seems like a good service. it costs 5.95 a month and i use it with bittorrent, and i like it and it changes your ip, you can even check it online. anonx is here

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    Just a note. There is a five day free trail period with any AnonX subscription. Also, the rate went up April 1st to $9.95/month or by 5 months get the sixth one for free.



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