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Thread: Windows Xp Firewall

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    after i did this i saw something and i start getting green light but not good download speed.\\

    I did this

    Open the 'Network Connections' folder (click Start, then Control Panel, then Network and Internet Connections, then Network Connections.)
    Click the shared connection or the Internet connection that is protected by Internet Connection Firewall, and then, under Tasks, click Change settings of this connection.
    On the Advanced tab, click Settings.
    For each port you wish to forward, (i.e. 6881, 6882, ... 6889) do the following:

    On the Services tab, click Add and enter all of the following information:
    In Description of service, type an easily recognized name for the service, such as "BitTorrent".
    In Name or IP address of the computer hosting this service on your network, enter (this means "the local machine.")
    In both External and Internal port number for this service, enter the port number, e.g. 6881.
    Select TCP, then OK.

    where it says put the name of the address of the compter hostinf the service on your network.
    well i dont get it should i put my ip address or the name of my network or Ip address ( coz i download all mt torrent from there)
    which one should i put?

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    disable that mother,

    get ya self sygate firwall, when ya start bt when sygate is running it will ask u if ya wanna allow it access to the internet - yes - all done
    if ya got green light and poor speeds just leave the torrent running for a bit it takes time

    i believe in answer to ur question - u always put ur address
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    Or get outpost ...... form experience .. thats the best for any p2p addict.


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