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    I had a little help on this last night but still cant get anywhere!

    I have 2 pcs's with a d-link pci wireless card in each.

    Gone on to add new network, wireless networks.
    named the SSID as 'Home'
    network authentication 'shared'
    data encryption 'wep'
    network key provided automatically.]

    selected 'ad hoc' network.

    Then on the general screen i have selected internet protocol and given the following;


    Then rebooted pc. all settings were checked and confirmed as above.

    Gone to the pc upstairs and it has already listed 'Home' as an available network.
    I gave the pc an ip address of 192 168 0.2 (subnet

    Although the say connected to 'home' on both, i cannot see either pc's files??!

    Any Ideas>?

    P.s. sorry its so long winded!!!

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    um this might be a stupid answer but , have you shared the drives on each computer

    eg go to the dir or drive you wanna share and right click and choose sharing and security

    and share so there is a little hand on the dir or drive

    lol you wouldnt believe how many ppl forget to share

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    nope, both my C: and d: drives are shared!! (:

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    sometimes they dont show up when brwsing, try typing, //computername/sharedfolder in the address bar, it sometimes works. replacing computter name ans sharedfolder, with the relevant data.

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    ok try this , im assuming both pc,s are xp

    on the comp that has the internet connection

    go to the network wiz and set it up for this comp connects directly to the internet and other comps connect to the internet through this comp

    let the wiz do its thing and make sure you check the name of the workgroup

    once its finished restart it and connect it to the internet

    go to the other pc and go to the wiz and select this comp connect to another comp ect

    make sure the workgroup name is the same

    let the wiz finish and reboot

    see if it connects then

    now here is something you might try and i only found out yesterday, cause i changed my network config ( do this if the above dont work )

    the network protocol netbeui might need installing

    on xp get your xp cd and stick it in the drive , open network devices and right click on properties

    click add and protocol, and have disk and go to the windows xp cd and valueadd/msft/net/netbeui

    and click ok and install the netbeui

    do the same on the other comp

    let me know if its 98 , there is another way to do this for 98/me

    try this is might help


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