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Thread: Pop Ups When Runnig Kazaa

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    Hey there!

    First of all, yes i did read the FAQ...

    I still get POP-UP windows when i run kazaa, overnet emule and such...

    They are not browser pop ups but Windows-popups like the ones u get when something happens in windows. They are commercial popups and when i "ok-click" them away, a download starts wich i have to cancel. The anoying thing is that they seem to interrupt downloads in kazaa so leaving on the machine while i am not around to kill the popups is senseless as downloads are interrupted after a couple of minutes when the next ad pops up.

    I tried to de-install windows messenger like statet in the "Tips - sections" using this command : RunDll32 advpack.dll,LaunchINFSection %windir%\inf\msmsgs.inf,BLC.Remove

    it didn't help though.


    I am on DSL behind a D-Link 604 Router with DMZ activated on my machine. Yes, that probably IS the reason for the ad-pop ups.

    But isn't there a way to stop those pop-ups any other way than putting the Router-Firewall back up and opening all the ports i need? I am an advanced user, but router configuartion still is a new field to me. Also, english is not my mother tounge which makes technical terms even more cryptic.

    Someone told me, he stops em with his Firewall. I am using ZoneAlarm Pro, didn't help me out.

    Does someone have the same problem and came up with a solution?
    I would be thankfull for any help.

    P.S. I tried to search this section of the forum, but when i start searching, i get to a page where it says i am not signed in... hmmm So please, if there already is an answer to this in the forum, please post a direct link? Coolness.

    Thanks again for any help!


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    When you say kazaa,you mean kazaa or kazaa-lite?
    If it's kazaa...wel duh,it's infested with spy- and adware so that would explain it all.
    And even when using k-lite there are still some files that come with a pop-up when you preview or open them after dl'ing it.Not much you can do about that.
    Best thing to do is to run adaware or spybot to get rid of spy- and adware.
    Most likely that will get rid of the annoying pop-ups.
    If not someone else will have to help you out 'cause i'm out of answers on this one

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    Hi there,

    thanks for replying!

    But still no go.

    I am using Kazaa++ 2.4.3 with dietkazaa 2.62 built 6

    I tried ad aware but it didn't help.

    I think it is not an external ad-program that couses those popups, because the popups have no pictures and no formated text. Just a plain windows-alert box like the ones u get when installing a windows programm or doing some work with windows.
    Also, they appear out of nothing, without me even touching the mouse. Every 5 to 10 minutes or so... pretty sneaky... I bet its an "open port" problem, cause they won't show up when the Router-Firewall is up.
    But i hope there is another way to get rid of em, other than putting the hardware-firewall up again. :helpsmile:

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    Are these messenger service pop-ups? Do you run XP/2000? If that is the case follow these steps and it will not happen

    Start > Run >services.msc >Disable "Messenger Service"

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    or try getting a pop-up blocker. you can find some here

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    He already said he'd removed Messenger.

    You might be infected with a virus there, try a virus scanner.

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    Hi again peeps,

    first of all, thanks for the replys!

    Pop-up stopper doesn not work, tried that before. As i said, i think its a windows external proggies involved...

    Did a complete Virus scan as well... no go.

    I also tried to deinstall windows messenger (not msn&#33 by using this command:

    RunDll32 advpack.dll,LaunchINFSection %windir%\inf\msmsgs.inf,BLC.Remove

    like it was stated in the TIPS-Section of this forum.

    @Lite: Yes i run Windows XP + SP1 and :

    yes exactly, those are messenger service pop-ups. I was looking for the right term in english! I tried to follow your hint and went into "services.msc"
    and disabled the messenger service (put it to "deactivated").
    But: Still get those pop ups.... Seems like we are on the right track though at least everyone knows now, what kind of pop-ups i mean !!

    1. Do i need to reboot to maked the change work?
    2. Or maybe i should disable all non-vital services in "services.msc" an then enable them one by one again to see wich one causes the pop-ups?

    Again, i think Lite is on the right track! It seems to be the "messenger service" who is stated there to "Transfer NET - SEND and Warningmessages between Clients and Servers" (Or something like that , i translated it from German)

    Any suggestions? Thanks for keeping up with me, maybe this one is a real challlenge for a change?

    Greets and thanks


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    Ok heres an update on the problem (and to bring it up to the top again)

    Windows Messenger Service DEAKTIVATED
    Virusscanning: aktive
    PopUp bLocker: active
    ZoneAlarm Pro with webfilter: Aktive

    I still get the popups from some windows messenge service. Repeat, those are NOT browser popups.

    Any other suggestions? Getting kinda frustrated here...



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    have you tried admuncher?? you got a port open some where boss

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    as i said...its not an AD problem....

    Its a windows service popup!!!!!

    Yes i have an open port since my PC is on DMZ configuration behind a router..

    I am just looking for a way to stop those service popups!

    Quote" Windows Messenger Service DEAKTIVATED
    Virusscanning: aktive
    PopUp bLocker: active
    ZoneAlarm Pro with webfilter: Aktive

    I still get the popups from some windows messenge service. Repeat, those are NOT browser popups.

    Any other suggestions? Getting kinda frustrated here..."


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