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Thread: Problems Using Tmpgenc Plus

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    Ive been using TMPGEnc Plus to burn movies onto VCD and SVCD over the last few weeks but I've noticed that it seems to have problems encoding AVI files that need the Xvid codec. These particular movies cause TMPGEnc Plus to freeze and crash my system.

    Does anyone have any ideas what may be wrong or maybe even any alternatives encoding packages to TMPGEnc Plus?


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    Ok, heres the fix. Convert the file to divx to start with. Try using Virtual Dub - strip the audio off to a wav file first (uncompressed). save the file as a divx with no audio. then use tmpegenc with the divx video file and the wav audio file to create your vcd/svcd/dvd.


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    OK. I did the virtual dub thing then the TMPegnc thing. The resulting movie looks/sounds good. But... what program do you use from there to burn the movie onto DVD? I assume because it's allready encoded I don't need to use another program that encodes it again before it burns it. I have Magix movies to DVD. I can't burn the Xvids without it crashing. Same with Nerovision. Now that I've converted the movie I still can't burn with the Magix program. I did burn one with Nerovision, but it came out way screwed up! The picture was jumpy and the sound was way off (the movie looked good in MP before I tried to burn it so I know it wasn't the movie itself.) Then I dl the newest Nero. It won't let me burn a dvd because it says the 2+ gig file is too big for an ISO and I need to use a UDF. If I use a UDF (DVD rom) on Nero, it won't play in my DVD player. HELP!

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    try this link vcdhelp xvid tmpgenc fix you have to change the vfapi plugin order located in the enviromental settings (don't forget to change them back)....... the original list is located in the help file...I've saved the web page so I remember how to adjust for xvid

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    Yes YES YES YES YES accat13 You R a Ficking God Do u know how long i have been trying to do that thax man

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    Accat13's answer is the one. B)

    Do that and you won't have any problems.

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    I'm still having problems with the burn part. I just can't get the dvd I've created to burn so that it will play on my stand alone player. When I go to the site it tells me to use Nero or VOB to burn pre authored dvds. Great, but.... then it says to add the video file and that the video file needs to end in BUP, ifo or vob. Tmpgenc saves it as an mpg file. Help!


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