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Thread: Windows 2000

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    Ive been looking everywhere for Win2k, but i have not been able to get one that works....ive d/l 2 and the both give an error when i try to install....

    im looking a verified hash..and plz dont tell me to get xp...i already have it and i dont like it.

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    I agree with u i couldnt find any either. There doesnt seem to be many. AFter searching and searching and i just couldnt find any. So i just got friends cd and used it. Good Luck trying to find one though.

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    Yea, using a friend's CD seems to be the thing to do these day's . Too bad everybody uses XP now. Why didn't you like it, anyway?

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    yeah i know the feeling i downloaded three versions of windows 2000 each one was cr*p they started to install fine then the screen just goes black with a 0 in the top left corner how buggin

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    Get eMule or eMule Plus and get the Win2k 4 in 1 off there, when i got it there was over 400 sources, it came down at a fairly good speed to and works just fine..

    The 4 in 1 includes:
    Win2k Pro
    Win2k Server
    Win2k Advanced Server
    Win2k Datacenter Server

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    Cheers man just got emule took a bit of getting used to found that windows 4in1 bootable but just 1 question and rather a silly how do i 701mb file onto a disk thats only 700mb big any help greatly appreciated

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    Moving this topic to requests...

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    you'll have to overburn. the program u use should do it itself if it has to...u should be able to overburn 807mb on a 700mb Disk

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    windows are only 650ish mbs!?!?! how u ppl get 700 ---

    lol win xp pro 2600 final was only like 664mbs....

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