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Thread: Any Ideas For Angles On A Dissertation

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    I am just coming towards the end of a cultural studies degree and I have decided to write my dissertation aroun the cultures of file sharing. Ive read a few old articles on gift economies and virtual communities.

    Anyway if anybody has any good links, please let us know!

    Also if anybody can think of a good title that would also be good, i dont mind, be serious be funny, but please try and be, this is my ethnographic reserch and i love you all. Prizes for original material! Love for theory.

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    ur writin a article on file-sharing?u could call it "P2P:Behind The RIAA" or just "Napster:The Inital FootStep"

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    Dunno about 'culture', but I posted here many things concerning the environment that culture has to survive in:

    Slasdot ( has lots of posters who I think are part of the 'culture' of file-sharing.


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