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Thread: How Do I Get Rid Of Cd Crack?

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    I've downloaded The Thing game several times without being able to open and run program. I thought downloading the CD crack would help. Now for some reason my computer will not shut down. I have to tried to uninstall the file but it will not. It says it is protected or the program is running. I know its obvious....I have no clue what i'm doing. Any help would be great.

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    try running in msdos and deleting the file... where you dl the crack from kazaa?

    you should get game cracks from

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    go to where the crack is then right-click>cut and paste it into the recycle bin. It should work.
    You can also try ending the process in Task Manager (CTRL+ALT+DELETE) if its in there. I had one like that before but I did the above and its gone now.

    Also try

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    sounds like it might be a trojan -- this happened to me, and i later ended up infected. I'm not a techie, but i think the inability to shut down properly might be a defensive/protective feature of the trojan (?).

    Turned out to be a relatively harmless one, but a bugger to track down -- i ended up formatting from scratch (thank god for the data partition). I'd suggest running Tauscan and/or kaspersky for trojans -- norton is relatively poor for trojans. Good luck, hope i'm wrong...

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    then it would be smart for him to have a norton anti virus... wouldnt it ... lol

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    Yea, good luck with it and share your results. Next time, go to one of the two sites above and if you can't find it, then resort to Kazaa for it.

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    not realy soul, norton is crap for trojans, i use trojan remover and that has found a lot of trojans in this type of nocd crack proggies that norton totlally missed during download and even whilst i scanned the file individualy once it was downloaded.

    and Shinigami, i didnt know you could post liks for crack sites on the forum, i might be wrong and its only the actual crack sig2dat that you cant as youve got a lot more posts than me, but im sure its against the forum rules, if im wrong sorry for mentioning it.

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    ending up with one of these really stinks.... i ended up with one of these and did the following:
    (1) located the file that was causing the mess
    (2) restarted windows in DOS mode
    (3) deleted the file in DOS
    (4) restarted Windows and ran a virus check

    good luck figuring this out... it's too bad idiots out there have to do stuff like this....

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    lets all hope he solves his problem

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