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Thread: How Do I Get Rid Of Cd Crack?

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    Thanks for the input....unfortunately I still cannot get rid of the file. I ran the Tauscan and Mcafee to look for a virus or trogan. None were found. I try to cut and paste to the recycle folder with no luck. As far as going into DOS...I wouldn't have a clue what to do. Any more ideas? Thanks.

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    if you want some step by step info for dos, please let me know.... it's really quite simple and i can describe to you exactly how to do it.... just tell me what os (windows 9?) you are using.

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    I'm using windows xp. Home edition

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    nsx, check out the post about the problem i had, look for the files mentioned. in my case, the trojan had an undetectable 'dropper' file that kept creating the file that was actually infected and detectable. So Norton would only find a problem after the infected file attempted to execute -- but really at this point it's too late, as the original file wasn't detected. like all anti-malware programs *NORTON IS NO GUARANTEE* especially for trojans, there is a lot of complacency and misunderstanding on this point -- if you're DLing executable/zip files from strangers, odds are its just a matter of time before something happens. that's why i've got a partition on my drive now -- only lose system files (easily replaceable), not data files.

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    Open note pad ,,,file open,,,right click the file ,,,and delet,,
    works for me

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