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Thread: Creative Vibra 128

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    I have a Creative Vibra 128 Sond Card It Works Fine on Windows XP Pro
    I formated and installed Windows Server 2003 and now i cant get it to work and i cant find Server 2003 drivers for it

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    probably they dont have the drivers for server 2003 out yet

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    so what to i do about it i cant here a thing

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    doesnt your mobo have on board sound try using that for the time being or unless you really need Server 2003 just use XP pro.

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    Originally posted by Night Ass@23 March 2004 - 19:20
    so what to i do about it i cant here a thing
    try using windows XP drivers, first try the setup program with the driver and if that doesnt work go to device manager and point to the driver yourself and it might install. If not then the only thing I can think of is to either buy a new soundcard or downgrade back to XP.

    you should look around at some soundcard companies websites and see some cheap soundcards you can buy that have windows server 2003 drivers.

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    Are you wanting to run a server?


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