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Thread: Computer Parts

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    can someone list all the necessary parts in making a computer.... since i cant find a good premade one, since the cost is high ... im goign to see if i know how to create one... ... whats a good website to buy the parts would be good too...

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    Depends on where you live?

    You dont want your parts posted round the world do ya?

    Some one on a previos post had a good responce to this and came up with

    a really decent set up, try having a look for it

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    umm i will look o yea i live in new york in the united states

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    In that case im am of no help sorry

    But i will try a search for ya on that other thread

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    newegg & pricewatch. Google for a how to build a ....

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    thanks... dont say your no help.... if you reply thats helping already... im seeing if getting a customized alienware is cheaper then just buying the parts....

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    checking newegg but prices seem high.... lol...

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    If you shop around for the parts and build it yourself it would be probably cheaper... What is your budget? and what do you want the machine to do? ill list some parts off for ya

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    Ok here goes....

    The most dang basic computer in today's world is gonna need
    • a motherboard (also called a mainboard)
    • a hard drive
    • a CPU (like a Pentium 4 or an Athlon XP)
    • a heatsink, fan, and thermal paste to install on the CPU
    • some RAM
    • a video card
    • a power supply
    • a case
    • a mouse
    • a keyboard

    You're probably going to want some extras like this...
    • a CD-RW drive, for burning CD's
    • a DVD rom drive, for watching DVD movies
    • some speakers, so you can hear your comp yell at you

    Also, make sure that these following issues are solved as far as your motherboard is concerned...
    • Network - some motherboards have a network/ethernet card built right in, others don't. You can pick one up for less than $20, easy.
    • Modem - some of us aren't lucky enought to have broadband, and need a modem. Just like the network card, some motherboards have this one built in.
    • USB/USB 2.0 - are you planning on using USB devices? Getting a USB 2.0 compatible motherboard is a good idea, it's something like 40x faster than USB 1.1

    Did I forget anything?

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    Thinks that linkton forgot:

    A sound card (Although many motherboards have integrated sound... but it's generally poor quality)
    A monitor...
    A floppy disk drive
    A CDROM drive (if you're not getting a DVD drive)

    You also might want a printer.

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