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Thread: Realrhapsody

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    I have been playing around with Musicmatch and Realrhapsody using their free trials.

    I have a couple of question. The radio feature on Rhapsody is nothing short of amazing. Basicly as long as you listen to the music on your computer there is little to no need to ever pay for music or use p2p to find music any more. The drawbacks are two fold.

    If you want to burn the music you can't with out paying for it, and after the trial period is over you have to pay a monthly fee.

    Has the audio encoding software out there improved enough to make it worth while to try to rip this music live off the player? Real Rhapsody plays a 128k CD quality file. If you copy that how much worse would it sound?

    The monthly fee?
    Do cracks for this exist like they do for turning you Musicmatch basic into Musicmatch plus?

    Chances are they don't.
    Do the crack site list any information for a monthly service?

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    And 128Kb/s is garbage to begin with.


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