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Thread: Windows 98 Or 98 Se Install Software

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    Hey filesharing fam,
    I hope I am not breaking any rules by requesting this but can anyone tell me how to find the software (by what keyword) to download Windows 98 or 98 SE? Or can someone share it? Again, my apologies if I have requested anything taboo or illegal. They dont seem to sell the older versions of Windows in the stores anymore. Thanks to all who respond

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    Hmmm........Kazaa is getting a bit heavy on virii, so you might try mIRC. Get the software, install it, and either buy it get "Alternate coding" in Asta-land or PM me for a serial.

    Next, try I added the link so as to take you to a search page for Windows 98, you can change the search, of course . If you need help with mIRC, click here. I hope this helps.

    As a rule, you may wanna consider XP, it's more stable than 9x. Just a thought.

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