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Thread: Transparent Proxies...

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    hi all,
    have been having major problems lately connecting to any BT files...speeds are abismal... think i've worked it out - my connection (unlimited 256 with tpg) seems to have a proxy running from the isp side!! Its preventing the trackers from seeing my ip and therefore can't connect AND therefore speeds suck...
    anyone know of a solution to this problem...have yet to contact my isp about it..don't think they will do much anyway

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    what is your isp's name?

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    You're obviously subscribed to a NAT (Network Address Translation) Service. If you wish to avert this problem, consult your ISP.

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    am with tpg...will contact them when i get home from work...don't know about NAT though...

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    The ISP may be using NAT services so more than 1 computer is sharing a single REAL internet ip address. Sort of like 'party line' phones long ago.

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    yeh, contacted tpg yesterday...they started using transparent proxies about two weeks ago...funny that was when my problems started...anyway they said there is no way around it...
    since then i've found that only some torrents are afffected - ie. far cry from doesn't work properly, but chrome from suprnova does... weird huh...? something to do with the ports the different trackers use (ie. 6969 or 80)...


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