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Thread: Ed2k D/l Info.

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    CAn anyone show me how to use this information i have about this file to be able to download it. it doesnt make much sense. I'd b really gratefull if u know what to do.


    You dont have to too detailed. just enough info to walk me through the process.thanks

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    I knew you'd ask this question. Like i said, you need emule. Kazaa won't work for it.

    Get overnet/emule/edonkey (one of those, not all) and it will work.

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    Heres a site for your anime interests once you see what you can get you'll prob end up using emule instead of kazaa. I hope you don't spam this board with n00b questions... a bad start.

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    My guide....
    should help you to get started. Please read it thorougly, and don't expect high speeds at first.

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    arn't these details uve given me suppose to go into into k-sig?

    anyway ive intalled Overnet Version 0.52 . But there are no options to insert those details u have given really confused.. :helpsmile:

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    nope......all ed2k:// hashes are for ed2k programs.
    sorry i forgot, overnet doesnt have a option to take in hashes through clipboard, you need to make it into a link, or try emule/edonkey instead.

    open a txt file (blank).
    paste this into it.

    And save as a filename.html.

    Note the .html part , filename doesnt matter.

    Then open and click.

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    it's a verified download for edonkey&emule...can't use that in k-lite B)
    But if you have edonkey or emule just open it and you paste it somewhere,i think it's somewhere in the right top corner in the searchscreen.Not too sure about that cause i haven't used much of them copy-paste ed2k-links.I only use(d) the ones you just have to click.
    Hope this info is good enough for you

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    i ha overnet so i used that instead. someone told me to createa an html link and save it anywhere and when i clicked on it it opened up overnet and started finding sources . im getting really crappy speeds. 1/2kbps and stuff. with kazaa i get like 14/15kbps. so its been a waste of time for me. but thanks for ur help none the less.

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    Overnet,emulen,edonkey aren't that good if you really want speeds, i know.
    It takes a while with them before you get somewhat "good" speeds.
    I still use k-lite for the majority of the things i download.I only use other clients if i can't find what i want on i'ld say stick to k-ite
    It's still a good filesharing program despite the things that are being said on this board.

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    same here..ive tried to convert to bittorrent shareaza and overnet and emule but it has not been very productive as iv wasted more times asking ppl questions then actually downloading stuff which defeats the purpose really. k-lite still rules somewhat. only wish it does not go down the same path as napster and scour and others that were big in there time. k-lite rock on

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