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Thread: Just Great

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    In here is was told to create a new user account . Bad idea.

    Up until 15 minutes ago , I had one account - Administrator. So I create a second ("Bare bones") with admin priviliges and choose to "switch user". The screen goes black , I get to choose from Admin and the new account , I choose the new one.

    Problem one : the new account starts , then hangs as soon as the firewall has started. No warnings , no bluescreen , just - nothing. Everything stops , even the clock , no more HDD light.

    Problem two : I reboot , get no - no - "choose account" screen , go into the new account automatically , and the PC hangs.

    Problem three : I reboot , and hit "switch user" before the lock-up. The only user I can choose is... the new account. Which hangs.

    I've already tried unhooking all USB devices , no change. So -

    - Either I get the new account to stop crashing and use system restore (will that work ? )
    -Or I use this "recovery" thingy that repairs Windows (what does that do , actually ?)

    - Or I'm skewered...


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    Aaand breathe...

    F8'ed into safe mode , used system restore to turn the clock back 4 days , and at least I'm back in my account. Still a little sluggish , but the crisis is over.

    And what have we learned ? In the words of D. Adams , "Don't panic !"


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