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Thread: Low Id

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    I have a low eD2K ID, which I would like to improve. I'm running XP. With my firewall disabled, when I run the e-mule testscript, I get a 'timed out message' ( "possibly due to a stealth firewall . . &c" ). My question is twofild: a) is there something I can do in order to improve my ID? I don' think it's a problem with my firewall, since there is not change in my ID regardless of whether I am using a firewall or not; and B) what's a 'stealth firewall?'

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    do you have a router??

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    I'm using an Actiontec DSL Gateway ethernet DSL modem. I have a single PC connected to it via an ethernet card.

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    My guess is your isp is blocking the default emule port. Try changing it to something different and try again.
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    Originally posted by DrSpud@25 March 2004 - 04:59
    My guess is your isp is blocking the default emule port. Try changing it to something different and try again.
    Same problem here. No router, too. Can u elaborate this "try changing" part? Changing what? Port? If so, i'll be more then thenkful if u give some tip how and where to do it.

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    go to Preferences -> Connection and somewhere on that page it should say tcp port and udp port, change both of them to numbers between about 5000 - 64000, eg my port numbers are
    tcp 25678
    udp 26678
    no particular reason for those exact numbers pick numbers that take your fancy...

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    Thanks for the tip. I changed my port numbers (twice, closing out and restarting e-mule in-between, and I still have a Low ID. I wonder if I should try changing the ports again, or look elsewhere for the problem?

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    if your using windows XP you need to go to your connection properties. click the advance tab and uncheck the firewall option. windows has a built-in firewall. hope that helps.

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    I have the exact same problem as you Crashbar. I tried with the different ports, disabled the firewall, checked that the windows firewall wasn't turned on. I tried with safe connect and use smart lowID check on connect enabled and still I have a low ID. Anybody have any other suggestions?


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