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Thread: Movie Sync Problems

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    Often when playing a movie it breaks up into colored blocks. Anybody know the cause and can it be fixed. I get a lot of movies that are trash lately.

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    Can you provide more details, e.g. System specs, installed codecs, problem filetypes/filesizes...?
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    hmmm, well its in the original file , as in the guy that converted it to the current format didnt check his work b4 releasing it to the masses

    although you wont get rid of it all, there are a few repair programs that might clear it up a bit video fixer is one , you can download it from kazaa im sure

    better way is to be selective in what u download, dont go for the smalest file as its usualy shit

    usualy releases by sharereactor or diamond to name a few are good , look for there names included in the file name and you should get better quality copies

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    Originally posted by muchspl2@25 March 2004 - 03:09
    ABSOLUTLY!!! videolan all the it solved tons of problem i had with playback


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