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Thread: Crap 3dmark2001 Scores.

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    I don't understand why my scores are so low, I've got a GeForce 5600XT and a fairly speedy computer but I cannot get anything over 6000 on my results
    I've heard of people with 5200's getting atleast 8000. I think it's time I turn to ATI.
    BTW: Default settings are on (no aa etc..)

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    RGX's Avatar Unstoppable
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    Mar 2003
    Whats the rest of your spec?
    When did you last defrag?
    Have you tweaked your operating system?
    You do realise the 5600XT is the lower version of your card?

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    The 5600XT isnt very good...AT ALL. What are your other specs?
    [SIZE=1]AMD 4200 X2 @ 2.65Ghz, ASRock 939-VSTA
    1.75GB PC3200, 2 X 160GB Seagate w/ 8MB Buffer
    HIS Radeon X800 Pro, Antec Super Lanboy Aluminum

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    the "XT" term in nvidia cards does not mean the same thing as the one that radeon uses.....the "XT" means that you have just bought yourself a 64bit memory bandwidth gfx card....

    so i think that you should be very plz w/ that scores of yours....and whoever told u that they get over 8000 w/ a 5200 is simply bullshiting in your face


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