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Thread: Ac3d

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    AC3D -powerful 3d graphic editor for linux

    C3D is used for a wide variety of purposes, including:

        * Creating 3D models for games
        * Producing models for virtual reality and flight simulation software
        * Scientific, medical and general data visualisation
        * Rapid prototyping of 3D designs
        * The generation of 3D models for high resolution 3D renderings


        * Fast real-time OpenGL graphics views (2D and 3D)
        * Simple 'click and drag' user interface
        * Multipoint polygon and line editing down to vertex level
        * No polygon limits
        * Extrusion and surface revolution
        * Subdivision surface modeling
        * Boolean operations
        * Truetype font 2d and 3D text generator
        * An integrated graphical texture coordinate editor
        * Support for many 3D file formats including POV-Ray, VRML (1 and 2), RenderMan ,3D Studio 3DS, Lightwave, DXF, Alias triangle, Wavefront OBJ, Direct X, Milkshape, MD2, Quake 3 BSP, Quake MD2, Unreal Tournament t3d.
        * Software development kit and plugin interface.
    it is shareware though, but still pretty nice

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    Originally posted by bulio@24 March 2004 - 23:14
    this is great freeware for windows and linux!
    It's not freeware if you have to pay for it

    Looks pretty cool though
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    unless you.... nvm


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