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Thread: Skins

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    hi there
    i hope someone can help i'm trying to add new skin
    to my k lite. i've downloaded some skins but can't
    seem to to adapt them.
    whenever i open them thay don't go to my skin option, how do i
    get them in to my options

    your help woul be much appreciated :helpsmile:

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    make sure they are compatible, then download and put in the skin folder located at:

    my computer>c:drive>program files>klite folder>here you will see a skin folder put the files from the skin download here.

    then go to options and choose your skin

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    If you didn't install to C:\Program Files\Kazaa Lite K++, there's a registry key you need to edit, but I don't remember what it is ATM.

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    thanks for your help musleman it took some time
    but i got there in the end .

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    no problem boss visit my forum we have anything you ever wanted to know about klite and etc. just hit my sig


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