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Thread: Monitor Go Phooey

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    Hey Gang, I was wondering if anyone knew of a xp home function that would bring my monitor settings back to the default.

    On that note....never tell you kids, to stay away from the buttons on the monitor.

    My guess is that he was messin' with em, and I can't get this thing back to normal....could it be the monitor is going?

    *crosses fingers for the latter...dreaming of a new flat screen ;P

    Thanx for any help given...

    I don't know if it's needed, but the monitor is a Sylvania (almost as old as I am, relatively speaking... )

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    its some thing you hae to do with the monitor to reset defaults settings, like holding 2 buttons at the same time, look at the monitor manual and it will tell you.

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    why not just press the button for contrast then press and hold the + button, then press the button for brightness the press and hold the + button.

    edit: or if it is a really old one, it might have turn knobs that you turn to change teh brightness and contrast.

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    Unplug the monitor from the wall for 20-30 minutes.

    Randomly press the buttons on the front (while it's unplugged) to discharge excess current on the boards inside. (just a few times)

    This may or may not reset things to the factory(default) settings.

    Otherwise set everything to 50% or the "middle" setting. This is what most monitor default settings are at.

    BTW, seems odd you are having such a problem. Can't you just see the problems and make adjustments accordingly? A monitor isn't much different then a TV in that way. (I used to be a service mgr for a electronics repair shop)

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    There is a way can't remember tho check the monitors homepage.Found this tho hope in helps

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    Hey Gang, I was wondering if anyone knew of a xp home function that would bring my monitor settings back to the default.
    Windows XP home doesn't have access to the 'settings' on you monitor.

    My guess is that he was messin' with em
    Ask him to help you set it back the way you want it.

    As a last resort you could look it up in the users manual of your monitor.

    Note: It would be better to tell us the model of you monitor. I'm sure Sylvania has many models.

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    Can you see the bios details when you first boot the pc?

    If not, it is almost certainly the monitor which needs resetting; if you can then it is almost certainly settings within XP.

    For the first, you need to look at the manual for your monitor
    For the second, when windows first starts loading press F8 and select VGA mode. You will then be able to see what's going on and should be able to cure the problem.
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    have a look on you monitor properties (on monitor not pc) and look for the word "f6actory". it will probablyy bewith defaults or reset or something like that
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