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Thread: A Peace Of Mind Made Easy

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    Hi guys! I have a really quick question for you...HOW DO I GET RID OF THE DAMN ADVERTISEMENT POPUPS?

    Do I have to download certain adwares to keep advertisers out for GOOD? What are the simple steps that I have to take to keep invaders out of my computer?

    If so feel free to share your knowledge...It will be MUCH appreciated!


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    To stop browser popups, either get a pop-up blocker for your current browser, or get a different browser with a built in pop-up blocker. To rid your pc of spyware/adware, download Spybot and Ad-Aware
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    Get yourself firefox ... and a decent firewall like outpost ... sorted. B)

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    And... get yourself a hardware-firewall, ie, D-Link etc. Then go for Norton Security 2004 etc! And as mentioned above, get Ad-Aware Pro and de-worm every week...

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    Originally posted by TRshady@25 March 2004 - 21:53
    Get yourself firefox ... and a decent firewall like outpost ... sorted. B)
    *cough* Sygate *cough*


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