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Thread: Black Screen Only

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    i got problems with some kind of movies especislly the new ones. when i download them i only can see a blazk screen. these are generally about 300/490 mb movies. they also download faster than other movies. but theres nothing than a black screen. i tried many codecs but didnt work. please help

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    me too!tried downloading dawn of the dead but all i get is a black screen

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    ok use a program called gspot to find out what codec is required

    also installing multiple codec packs ect is prob half the reason its not working , uninstall them all and install just one k-lite codec pack and the go and download ffdshow from sound forge

    if you install just these 2 , 99% of movies will run

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    a good quality movie should be over 600MB

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    Mega Codec Pack 2.24f
    SLD Codec Pack 1.53

    If these don't work, it's likely a fake file. Don't use Kazaa for movies... or music... or anything.

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    i installed klite codec pack full
    it opens but again black screen than i started g spot and it said dx50 codec was missing(??? why not installed in codec pack) anyway i downloaded divx bundle from this time gspot said the file was real not fake the codec is installed correctly but the problem screen and no sound.all this happens to certain movies but i tried many from the same name with different users and sizes ..the problem remained...
    dont know what to do now
    :helpsmile: :helpsmile: :helpsmile:

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    there is the codec pack and then there is the mega codec pack which one did you do??

    also did you try videolan??

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    did you uninstall all codec packs and divx ect b4 installing the new one , its no good just installing it over the currupt stuff

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    first i uninstalled divx and xvid codecs only bsplayer remained
    than i installed K-Lite Mega Codec Pack
    when i satred g spot i saw that the movie neded dx50 codec after that i installed divx bundle
    then again started gspot this time it said everything was ok
    but the problem remained
    its not only one movie a lot of them is the same
    another think is normally when i satr downloading a movie and try to preview it after 500-1000kb it only shows 5 or 6 seconds but in this kind of movies with black screen after 500-1000kb when i open avi prew i see more than 5 mins are already downloaded but of course with black screen

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    ok , give me the exact name of the file and what program you downloaded it with or where from

    i suspect its a fake with a few others u have

    by the way , vlan , bsplayer do not have there own codecs , they use the codec pack codecs

    the other thing to try is like i said b4

    get the ffdshow filter from soundforge

    uninstall all codec and just install ffdshow and see if it works

    ffdshow here

    download this one ffdshow-20020617.exe

    ffdshow is a filter for decoding divx and xvid video files

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