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Thread: Torrentstorm 1.2.1

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    ITs been like this all nite. IS there anything i can do to sort this sucker out.

    ANd sometimes UP(KB/s) is 2/3 and DL(KB/s) is 0.00 for ages.

    WHy is this happening ?
    please help before i have to resort back to Kazaa. I like Bittorrent but it soesnt seem to like me

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    1. look at the FAQ
    2. Are there seeders?
    3. are you behind a firewall/nat/ics?
    4. have another look at the faq
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    yep bt speeds speeds depend on alot of variables

    again look in the faq

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    It all banks down to que slots upload slots and uploading

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    Originally posted by Neo 721@26 March 2004 - 16:16
    It all banks down to que slots upload slots and uploading
    AND whether your connection is firewalled in BitTorrent or not.

    If it is firewalled, those speeds can be normal.

    Also, you have to watch out that your connection isn't tied up by other things and bittorrent itself isn't overloading the connection due to a lack of upload speed limits.


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