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Thread: Ip Address?

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    just looked at my ip address in supernodes and it doesnt match my proper ip address tried to change it but it wont. i am not using a proxy service or any routing system now my incomings are only running at 1-2 kbs thats when i manage to connect but no problems with uploads any ideas am using adsl and had no probs d/loading till a couple of days ago ps using xp home thanks.....

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    If your computer is behind a router (meaning there's probably more than 1 computer sharing the same ip connection) then it's probably why your ip differs from supernodes point-of-view.

    Win XP home has an annoying and nearly useless firewall in it that may be blocking KL++ from working ok.

    Lastly, even a ADSL modem (or cablemodem) that connects to your computer via USB instead of ethernet LAN may cause KL++ to think your computer has a 'weird' ip address.


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