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Thread: People That Will Be Involved For Big Decissions

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    jetje's Avatar former star
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    Sep 2002
    As for a few decissions in the past the team needed to decide, there was some rumble on the board (as for instance merging forums, the banning of popular people, making new forums etc.). I can imagine for big decissions it can be wise to consult a group of people that are long time members or good trustworthy participating people, so that it will not be just the teams decission but we know its a widely carried decission.
    A few things need to be said atm. It's just an idea i got just now and i didn't talk about with the team, but i sure would like to poll opinions on it. So it may never come to this! (but i still like the idea). Whatever the "senators" will do it will only be an advising role, in the en the decissions always will ly with the team and the final one with the admins. It's merely just an idea to start some sort of democracy on the board!

    It's an idea burn it or love it but again it's just a premature idea

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    Yogi's Avatar Super Undulator
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    Feb 2003
    I voted yes.

    But will i come in with my 44??


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    Skweeky's Avatar Manker's web totty
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    Dec 2002
    I kinda like the sound of that though I don't know it would stop the grumbling whenever a decision is taken. There will always be someone unhappy. Definitely worth a try though

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    Illuminati's Avatar Simple Bystander BT Rep: +7BT Rep +7
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    May 2003
    2008 European Capital of Culture
    I'm sorry to possibly taint the idea but this sounds a lot like the "Secret Society" of the ES5 forums - Something which those who have visited in the past two months will know my feelings about. Then again, this is told in advance whereas ES5 kept theirs secret for months so there is a degree of difference between the two

    I admit that it is in theory a good idea to have a few people who the team trust the views of to give their opinions of matters here & there, but a problem might be that it could become elitist - If it doesn't, then a few people are likely to turn it into a matter of elitism

    In effect, I'm impartial to the idea. However, the words "will become too much hassle" spring into mind.

    There's never been much wrong with the view of the community regulars saying their parts in the past anyway, and the mods so far are in effect the same as senators with increased powers

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    May 2003
    North-east england UK
    I think we should, but if we do the posts from the lounge should not go towards your right be allowed in. Only posts from the other section because people just <s>post</s> spam in the lounge without doing anything elsewhere and get to be a sr member in about 2 days...

  6. Everything Related to the Board   -   #6
    I think the &#39;chhosen&#39; memebers might get &#39;teh&#39; beaten when a discision is made that people dont want, insted of the mods. Like amercain football really, grab a blocked and aim for N zone&#33;

    Ofcorse bruce willis sed that in die hard and iv neva even watched a amercain football match b4 in my life.

  7. Everything Related to the Board   -   #7
    I think if it does go ahead in NO way should it be releated to post count... wouldnt want withcheese on there would you

    It would need to be a group of respected, sensible elder memebrs if any at all.

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    RGX's Avatar Unstoppable
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    Mar 2003
    I agree that it shouldnt be done on a pure post count basis. 5 stars does not a good member make

    Just people who take an intrest in the community would be great.

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    yeah i mean, subconsiously i have ideas on who those people are already, i know its wrong but i divid ppl into groups, uber spamers, mods, repectful etc etc. It wouldnt be to hard to takle a few guesses at the people im thinking about...

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    Mar 2003
    nah.I think theirs enough chiefs capable of runnin making good decisions.I think the usual way is good enough imo make a comment or a poll.

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