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Thread: Using Kazaa Goods Together !

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    If you want to see what you are downloading open the "DAT View" program and see the last 4 digits of the dat file you want to play ( i am using it to watch the videos mostly) under the .dat file Tab.
    Then open the "AVI Preview" program and search for the dat file with the 4 digits you want, play it and see if it is the video you wanted... It work with the most files...

    I hope that this trick will help many Kazaa users....

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    Not quite new, but thanks for sharing your tip anyway.
    However, since the arrival of K-dat you don't really have to do it in this complicated fashion.
    Check the development section for more details.

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    Sorry for repeating this tip but its dificult to read all the posts
    Thanx for your advice about K-Dat...


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